About us


Emma Lumley

I am the designer and maker of Silverdarling Jewels.

I started my training at Leicester Polytechnic, back in the day, studying Three dimensional design and specialising in silversmithing BA(hons).

After working in London for a while afterwards, I travelled to New Zealand where I slowly embarked on my jewellery making career.

Fortunately for me I was in the right place at the right time when I got the chance to work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy as a jewellery maker....what an experience of a lifetime.

After living in NZ for 10 years I made my way back to my beloved homeland where I now live and work, on beautiful Exmoor.

I look to my surroundings for my inspiration, the ocean and the beautiful landscape that surrounds me....this is how I create.

I spend a lot of time in the sea or on it....and walking out in the hills with my beautiful lurcher Maple. 



Meet Maple,the bedlington whippet wonder dog.

My wonderful sidekick and constant companion who inspires me to get out and about everyday, keeps me in check and reminds me to live in the present.